Early Navy Aviation (1911-1926)

In the Navy, the advantages of the aeroplane for reconnaissance at sea were early understood. An aircraft could patrol large areas and deliver reports to bases or ships in a relatively short time.

The Swedish Navy got its first aircraft in December 1911, about half a year before the Army. It was a donation and not used very much. The politicians were not very generous to the naval aviation, and it had during the pioneer years to rely on further donations. In 1913, a special Aviation Corps ”Marinens Flygväsende (MFV) was founded in Stockholm. In the same year the Navy’s flying school was established at the Fortress of Oscar-Fredriksborg. After a year it was moved to the naval base at Hårsfjärden.

The outbreak of WWI became a great challenge for the aviators. In the beginning of the war, MFV just had only a few aircraft to its disposal. The pilots had no experiences in flying in bad weather or in winter. The airframes were fragile things and had to be repaired almost daily.
 But both the aircrews and the ground personnel made wonders. The Navy aviation became an important part in the neutrality guard. Merchant ships were convoyed, reconnaissance for mines and foreign warships were done. It could be problems to get unwelcome foreign warships to leave Swedish waters. The aviators only threatened the intruders. They never fired any weapons at them. No wonder, their aircraft were all unarmed.
For aircraft used by Marinens Flygväsende, see the list below.
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Nyrop N:o 3/Blériot XI
  Nieuport IVm (Trainer, 1913-1914) Nieuport IVm
Swedish Navy Aircraft Donnet-Lévêque (Reconnaissance and Trainer Seaplane) Donnet-Lévêque
  Morane Saulnier MS 3L / Thulin B (Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1915-1917) Morane Saulnier MS 3G/Thulin B
Farman HF 23 (Södertelge Verkstäder SW 11),  Reconnaissance Seaplane,  1914-1920 Farman HF 23/Södertelge
Verkstäder SW 11
  Thulin G – Thulin GA (Reconnaissance Seaplane and Trainer,  1917-1922) Thulin G – Thulin GA
Friedrichshafen FF 33 (Reconnaissance Seaplane and Trainer,1918-1929) Friedrichshafen FF 33
  Friedrichshafen FF 49C (Reconnaissance Seaplane and Trainer, 1919-1925) Friedrichshafen FF 49C
Swedish Navy Aircraft Fairey IIID Fairey III D
  Macchi M.8/Savoia S.13 (Reconnaissance Seaplanes, 1919-1922) Macchi M.8/Savoia S.13
Supermarine Channel II (Evaluation Aircraft, 1921-1922) Supermarine Channel II
  ”Hansa” No. 31 and  32-41,  (Reconnaissance Seaplane, 1921-1931) ”Hansa” No. 31 and 32-41
”Hansa” numbers 42-47, (Reconnaissance Seaplane, 1924-1935) ”Hansa” numbers 42-47,
  Albatros B.IIa (Trainer, 1919-1929) Albatros B.IIa
Avro 504 K (Trainer, 1924-1929) Avro 504 K
  LVG C.VI (Trainer, 1921-1924) LVG C.VI
Heinkel HE 3 ”Paddan” (”the Toad”), Trainer, 1923-1927 Heinkel HE 3 "Paddan"
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