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A civil enterprise, Svensk Lufttrafik AB (SLAB), had after the war bought eight two-seated aircraft from Luft Verkehrs GmbH (LVG) in Berlin. They were all of type C.VI.  SLAB was liquidated in 1921, with only two C.VI’s still airworthy. These two machines were bought by the Navy for use as trainers
at the Navy's flying school at Hägernäs. (Navy numbers 9 and 10.)

They were never used very much for their purpose. In 1924 they were written off. The two airframes were sold in the last minute (they were was just going to be burned) to the legendary aviator Albin Ahrenberg. Number Ten was used by Ahrenberg for air shows and passenger flying, number Nine for the supply of spare parts for Number Ten.

Ahrenberg is standing to the left on the photo at top.

The aircraft was powered by a Benx Bz IV engine of 200 hp.

Length: 7,45 m. Span:13,00 m. MTOW 1.300 kg. Max. speed: 170 km/h.




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