Friedrichshafen FF 49C (Reconnaissance Seaplane and Trainer, 1919-1925
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Two seaplanes type FF 49C were bought in January 1919 directly from the German manufacturer Friedrichshafen. These aircraft were larger then the earlier Friedrichshafen in the Swedish Navy. They had stronger engines (220 hp Benz) and longer endurance. Maximum flying time was six hours at 120 km/h. Due to accidents, both aircraft - Navy numbers 23 and 24 - were written off in 1924.

After the end of the war, a civil aviation company, Svensk Lufttrafik AB, had also bought two FF 49Cs. The aeroplanes were now rebuilt to carry passengers, but company’s plans of commercial aviation had  to be cancelled. These two machines were instead taken over by the Navy 1920 and restored for military use. They got the Navy numbers 25 and 26.

A FF 49C,  number 25,  was used for the first trials with torpedoes in 1923.  A FF 49C was also the first Swedish military aircraft fitted with radio communication.

The type was equipped with dual-command to be used for training purposes. But as at the smaller Swedish Friedrichshafens, any armament was never fitted.  

Photo at top: Number 26 at the Fortress of Karlsborg.

Length: 11,60 m. Span: 16,70 m. Maximum take-off weight: 2.120 kg. Max. speed: 120 km/h



For the Model Builder

Omega Models, Czech, has developed a resin model kit of this aircraft in scale 1:72 for sale. Catalouge number is 72250. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Resin model kit of Swedish Navy Friedrichshafen FF 49 aircraft in scale 1:72

Stamp - Sverige Friedrichshafen FF 49
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