Supermarine Channel II (Evaluation Aircraft, 1921-1922)

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Model of Supermarine Channel II from the Swedish Military Aviation Museum at Linköping. Photo Lars Henriksson,

After a study tour by some senior Swedish Navy officers to  in England in 1921, one Supermarine Channel Mk. II seaplane of amphibious type was ordered. What was most interesting for the Swedish Navy was not the possibility to land with wheels, but that the aircraft also could be fitted with skis in the winter.

The aircraft, which was given the Navy number 46, arrived to Galärvarvet in Stockholm to make comparing evaluation trials together with the mono-plane Caspar S.1, that had been purchased from Germany in the same time. But before the regular trials had begun, the No. 46 crashed at the naval base at Hårsfjärden in September 1922. The crew survived the crash, but only the engine (Armstrong Siddeley Puma, 240 hp) could be saved.
Photo at top: Model displayed at Flygvapenmuseum (Swedish Air Force Museum).

Bottom: The Supermarine at the Navy's workshops at Galärvarvet, Stockholm.

Length: 9,14 m. Span: 15,36 m. Height: 3,96 m. Maximum take-off weight: 1.600 kg. Max. speed: 148 km/h.
For the Model Builder

Choroszy Modelbud, Krakow, Poland, has a resin model kit of this aircraft in scale 1:72 for sale. Swedish and Japanese markings included. Catalouge number is B94. Click on thumbnail for larger picture.
Choroszy Modelbud. Resin kit of Swedish Supermarine Channel Mk. II.



Flygbåt 46 Supermarine Channel II vid Galärvarvet. E.A:s samling




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