Propeller Fighters (1926-1954)

After the end of WWI prevailed a hard political pressure in Sweden to reduce the military forces. There was a common belief that the humanity had learnt the lesson and that the era of wars was at last over. There were also strong anti-military moods among a great part of the Swedish people. The result was the important parliament resolution of 1925 concerning the defence. 

A large number of regiments and navy units should be disbanded. In reality, most of the Swedish military capacity was to be liquidated. But, important for the military aviation, a group of politicians saw the establishment of an independent Air Force cheaper than keep the remaining organisation with separate Army and Navy aviation forces. So, the Defence Resolution of 1925 included the birth of Flygvapnet, the Swedish Air Force. It would be in operation in the summer of 1926. 

The Air Force took over around seventy aircraft from the Army and the Navy. Most of them were out of date or worn out. The need for new aircraft was strong, but the economical means were meagre. It was not until 1936 a new Defence Resolution was approved by the parliament, that involved a significant rearmament of the three service branches. But for the Air Force it was too late. Many aircraft were purchased abroad, but most of them were not delivered due to the new war. The Swedish aircraft industry was still in its initial stage. 

Below is a list of the propeller fighter aircraft that served in the Swedish Air Force. The designation ”J” = ”Jakt” stands for ”Fighter”.

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 J 1 - Phönix D.III (1926-1933)
Nieuport 29C-1

 J 2 - Nieuport 29C-1 (1926-1930)

103J3_ 351 Malmen_1928_ KEG_LL.jpg (78516 byte)  J 3 - Fokker C.V-D (1928-1931)
 J 4 - Svenska Aero / Heinkel HD 19 (1928-1937)
105J5.jpg (28136 byte)  J 5 - Svenska Aero Jaktfalken (1930-1933)
106J6A127-2743.jpg (38590 byte)  J 6 - Svenska Aero Jaktfalken I (1930-1941)
J 7 Bristol Bulldog  J 7 - Bristol Bulldog (1930-1940)
J 8 Gloster Gladiator  J 8 - Gloster Gladiator  (1937-1947)  
109J9_112-1258.jpg (73390 byte)  J 9 - Republic Seversky EP-1 (1939-1952)  
110J11F9-11Satenas41-06-09F7LL.jpg (60628 byte)  J 11 - Fiat C.R. 42 (1940-1945)
111J20_103-0318.jpg (37491 byte)  J 20 - Reggiane Re 2000 Falco 1 (1941-1945)
112J21A113-1360.jpg (46408 byte)  J 21A - SAAB J 21A (1945-1954)
113J22_113-1358.jpg (55988 byte)  J 22 -  FFVS J 22 (1943-1952)
J 26 North American Mustang  J 26 - North American P-51 Mustang (1945-1954)
J 30 de Havilland Mosquito  J 30 - De Havilland Mosquito (1948-1954)  


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