J 1 - Phönix D.III (1926-1933)

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Twelve Phönix D.III, a design from the later part of WWI, were taken over from the Army Aviation Company. Some were original Austrian machines, some were copies built by FVM in Sweden. Although designated J 1, it was totally out of date as a fighter aircraft. Their were in reality most used as trainers.  Fore more information, see ”Early Army Aviation”.

The amateur photo at top is from the photo album of the late Erik Svensson, Ljungskile who made his military service at Malmen around 1927.

Series 122: Length: 6,60 m. Span: 9,80 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 1063 kg. Max. speed:160 km/h.

For the Model Builder

Joystick Models has made a model kit of the Swedish J 1 Phönix D.III based on a vac-form moulding. Also white metal details (includig the engine) are provided. Scale 1:72. Catalouge number JOY 23. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Vac-formed model kit of the Swedish Phönix D.III by Joystick Models.

J 1 Phoenix D.III at Air Force Museum, Linköping, Sweden
The aircraft on the picture is an original Austrian-built aircraft delivered to the Army Aviation Company. It is now displayed at the Flygvapenmuseum (Swedish Air Force Museum). Sw AF number 947.

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