J 9 - Republic Seversky EP-1 (1939-1952)
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In June 1937, the American manufacturer Republic-Seversky got an order from the USAAF on a new fighter, designated P-35. A special export version was also built, known as the Republic EP-1 (EP = Export Pursuit). It had a  stronger engine (1065 hp Twin Wasp) and was more heavily armed (two 7,9 mm machine guns and two 13,2 automatic cannons) than the P-35. 

Sweden ordered 120 of this aircraft of this kind just at the outbreak of WWII. In consequence of the acts of war in Scandinavia 1940, only 60 of the aircraft, after great problems,  reached Sweden. The remaining were embargoed by USA.  

20 EP-1’s were shipped via Norwegian ports and reached Sweden just before the German occupation of Norway in April 1940. The chartered merchant ships loaded with the remaining aircraft had to be re-directed to the Finnish port of Petsamo at the Arctic Sea. But after the Winter War with the Soviet Union, the north-east of Finland was a devastated land. Sweden has every reason to be grateful that Finland, that under the conduct of the well-known General Talvela, repaired the road from Petsamo southwards, including a large number  destroyed ”Russian bridges”. After great efforts, a Swedish truck column managed to transport all the remaining 40 aircraft to Haparanda. From there, they were transported by rail to Malmen, where they were assembled. In June 1940 had all sixty aircraft, with the designation J 9, begun their service in the Air Force. The J 9’s did a valuable duty during the neutrality watch as successors to the obsolete J 8 Gloster Gladiator.     

Photo at top of the preserved J 9 at Flygvapenmuseum. C/n 282-19, Sw AF/n 2134. 

Photo below: This colour slide photo from 1943 is interesting from several points of view. The aircraft belong to the 3rd Squadron of Air Force Wing F 8. In spite of this is the squadron colour is red. This will however soon be changed. The HQ issued new marking instructions for the Air Force Wings in 1944. They stipulated that the 1st squadron were to use the red colour, the 2nd blue and the 3rd yellow. This instruction is still in force. 

The starboard wing is painted white on the underside – the port wing black. 

The camouflage painting of the J 9s of Wing F 8 had an unusual pattern. First, the aircraft was sprayed with a base of zinc chromate primer. Then irregular patches of olive green were applied. Finally, the surface was sprayed with a mix of clear varnish (95%) and olive green (5 %). The pattern varied a bit between the different aircraft.

Length: 8,18 m. Span: 10,98 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 3,000 kg. Max. speed: 470 km/h.


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