J 6 - Svenska Aero Jaktfalken I (1930-1941)
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Model of Swedish Air Force Fighter Aircraft J 5 SA Jaktfalken

After the successful trials with the J 5 Jaktfalken, Air Force ordered seven more aircraft, but fitted  with Bristol Jupiter IV engines of 450 hp. The Jupiter engine was now regarded as more or less the standard engine of the Swedish Air Force. Some minor alterations to the original design were also made. The Air Force designation became J 6

In November 1931 further three Jaktfalken was purchased from Svenska Aero AB. This airframes had stronger engines (Bristol Jupiter VII F of 500 hp) and were given the designation J 6A.  

Finally, a last batch of seven Jaktfalken, similar to the previous three, was ordered. Svenska Aero AB had now met problems of technical and economical nature, and had to lay down their enterprise. ASJA in  Linköping, a forerunner to the more well-known SAAB, took over the contract and built the last seven Jaktfalkens. I spite of  only minor modifications, the ASJA-built airframes were designated J 6B

All Jaktfalkens were armed by two 8 mm machine-guns. 

Top: Model  of J 6A built by Mikael Carlson. Displayed at Flygvapenmuseum. Painted as individual "9" of Air Force Wing F 1 at Västerås. Photo from the big collection of Lars E. Lundin, Västervik.

Below: Photo of a row of J 6B. SwAF/n 221 closest to the camera. The "3" before the Air Force number at the fuselage indicates the Air Force Wing, in this case F 3 at Malmen near Linköping.

Bottom: Close-up of J 6B # 219.

Length: 7,10 m. Span: 9,00 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 900 kg. Max. speed: 300 km/h.



Swedish Air Force Fighter Aircraft J 5 Svenska Aero Jaktfalken

Swedish Air Force Fighter Aircraft J 5  Jaktfalken


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