Early Army Aviation in Sweden (1912-1926)

The first military aviation unit was established in summer 1912 at the ancient drillground of Axevalla Hed (founded in 1701). The year before had the French Army made a test of  33 different types of aircraft intended for military use. Winners were the monoplane Nieuport IV G and the biplane Breguet U1. The Swedish military authorities decided to purchase one aircraft each of these two types for evaluation. They would be financed partly by the state, partly by money from private donators.

The aeroplanes, well packed in boxes, were delivered to Axevalla Hed 2nd of July 1912 by railway. Eleven days later was the Breguet was ready for the first take-off, but crashed the next day and had to get through timewasting repairs. The Nieuport was more lucky and  made a lot of flying during the summer. 

The experiences of aviation for military purposes had been positive. It was decided that the aviation activities should be stabilised. They needed a permanent airfield with hangars and other facilities. The choice fell on another old (17th century) military drillground,  Malmslätt, also called ”Malmen” near Linköping. At Malmen was already a private flying school established, run by Carl Cederström, the first diplomaed aviator in Sweden.

1916 was Flygkompaniet (the Army Aviation Company) formed. It would exist for ten years, when the Air Force became a separate service branch. Flygkompaniet had its own workshop at Malmen, where aircraft were repaired and extensive rebuilt. After a couple of years also production of new aircraft began, both of own design and copies of others.

For aircraft used by Flygkompaniet, see the list below.

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Swedish Army Aviation Company Nieuport G (M 1  & M 2) Nieuport IV G (M 1 and M 2), 1912-1919
Breguet III U 1 Breguet III U 1 (B 1), 1912-1916
Farman HF 22 (SW 10), Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1913-1917
Bleriot XI - Thulin A

Blériot XI / Thulin A (Trainer, 1914-1916)

Thulin B / Morane-Saulnier M.S. 3L, 1914-1919 Thulin B / Morane-Saulnier M.S. 3G, 1914-1919
06Bast_sid.jpg (26118 byte) Fjällbäck’s  Näktergalen (Nightingale) or ”Bastarden”, 1914-1916
Thulin D (Morane - Saulnier L) "Parasol Thulin D ”Parasol” (Reconnaissance Aircraft and Trainer, 1915-1918)
08Alba103-0325.jpg (109656 byte) Albatros B.II (Reconnaissance Aircraft/Trainer, 1914-1935)  
Thulin E at Torneträsk 1916 Thulin E (Reconnaissance Aircraft/Trainer, 1916-1920)
Thulin L Thulin L (Reconnaissance Aircraft/Trainer, 1916-1920)
11ThK.jpg (33734 byte) Thulin K (Trainer, 1917-1919)
12_SW15112-1206.jpg (42638 byte) Södertelge Verkstäder SW 15 ”Lotterijagaren” (Trainer Fighter, 1917-1921)
13SW16.jpg (23547 byte) Södertelge Verkstäder SW 16 (1917)
14ThFA3206.jpg (34648 byte) Thulin FA (Reconnaissance Aircraft/Advanced Trainer, 1918-1921)
15Triplanet831-LL.jpg (58532 byte) FVM Triplanet (the Triplane, Advanced Trainer, 1918-1919)
16Fokker DIV_LEL.jpg (81934 byte) Fokker D.IV (Fighter, 1918-1922)
Breguet 14 A2 reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish Army Aviation Breguet 14 A.2 (Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1919-1922)
17F_DVII127-2791.jpg (31570 byte) Fokker D.VII (Fighter, 1919-1922)
18AEG3207.jpg (39789 byte) AEG G.V (Twin-engine bomber, 1919-1922)
19Dront0124Malmen23-09LL.jpg (59443 byte) Phönix C.1 Dront (Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1919-1935)
20S18.jpg (31357 byte) FVM S 18 (Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1919-1925)
21Breg14T3201.jpg (28583 byte)  Breguet 14 T bis Flying Ambulance (1923-1926)
22Lisa103-0394.jpg (84039 byte) FVM Tummelisa (Advanced Trainer, 1920-1935)
23Phoe112-1216.jpg (72908 byte) FVM Phönix D.III (Fighter, 1920-1933)
24M7112-1290.jpg (80056 byte) Macchi M 7, (Fighter Hydroplane, 1921-1927)
25S21.jpg (26829 byte) FVM S 21 (Reconnaissance Aircraft, 1922-1932)
26J23_3208.jpg (16622 byte) FVM J 23 and FVM J 24 (Fighters, 1923-1926)
27BristolF.jpg (24636 byte) Bristol Fighter F.2B (Evaluation Aircraft, 1924-1934)
Armstrong Withworth Siskin Mk IIA (Evaluation Aircraft, 1924-1926)
B2_3406FlygkompanietLL.jpg (63553 byte) Fiat BR / Fiat BR1 (Bomber, 1924-1937)
30J2_135-3595.jpg (28836 byte) Nieuport 29 C-1 (Fighter, 1926-1930)



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