Breguet III U 1 (B 1), 1912-1916

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Breguet III U 1 of Swedish Army Aviation

The Breguet III was elected as the best biplane at ”Concours Militaire” in Reims, France 1911. The type was provided to several armed forces before the outbreak of WWI, including one aircraft that was purchased by the new Swedish Army Aviation 1912 for evaluation. The aircraft was of the variation U 1, which means that it was fitted with a Canton-Unné engine (type Salmson). The engine was of a 85 hp water-cooled radial, non-rotating design.

The Swedish Breguet got the designation ”B 1” (Biplane No. 1). The hard-flown B 1 was dogged by bad luck and crashed a lot of times. After a last incident 1915 (the engine broke down at 10 meters altitude and engine parts ”fell to the ground as rain”, it was never repaired again. However, many original parts was saved and the aircraft was rebuilt and is now displayed at Flygvapenmuseum, located at Malmen, where B 1 served most of its active time.

Length:  8,35 m. Span: 12,7 m.  Maximum take-off weight: 790 kg. Max. speed: 105 km/h.


Breguet III U 1 of Swedish Army Aviation
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