Thulin E (Reconnaissance aircraft/trainer, 1916-1920)

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Thulin E of Swedish Army Aviation Company. From the Lars Lundin collection.

In 1915, the Swedish Army asked for tenders for a new reconnaissance aircraft of biplane type. Thulin offered his own design, type E, with 90 hp Thulin A engines. Four aircraft were ordered and used for neutrality watch at the Fortress of Boden in the north of Sweden.

However, the were found unsatisfactory for their purpose and instead used for training duties.  

The aircraft on the photo above carries the markings of AETA (Thulins Aircraft Company).

Model below displayed at Flygvapenmuseum.

Length:  6,45 m. Span: 11,40  m.  Maximum take-off weight: 787 kg. Max. speed: 110 km/h.

A Thulin E with ski landing gear at Torneträsk 1916



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