Nieuport IV G (M 1 and M 2), 1912-1919  

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 Nieuport IV G at Flygvapenmuseum, Linköping, Sweden

The French aircraft maker S.A. des Etablissements Nieuport delivered a new monoplane, the IV G, to the Italian Army in 1911. Before the end of this year, the aircraft saw active service in Northern Africa.

 In the great tests for military aircraft  the French Army arranged at Reims (Concours Militaire) in autumn 1911, a Nieuport fitted with a 100 hp rotating Gnome engine won easily the competition. The price was 100 000 francs and an order of 11 aircraft, including the winning one.  

The Swedish Army purchased 1912 one IV G with a 50 hp Gnome engine. The aircraft was  upgraded after a year with a 70 hp engine and got the designation ”M 1” (Monoplane No. 1). A Swedish-built copy with an 80 hp Gnome was manufactured in 1913 (M 2).

 In winter 1914, the M 1 was used for pioneering trials with skis. The trials took place on the ice of Storsjön in the northern province of Jämtland. 

The M 1 is preserved and exhibited at Flygvapenmuseum. M 1 made its last flight at the 50th anniversary of the Swedish Army Aviation in 1962.

Length:7,8  m. Span: 10,9  m.  Maximum take-off weight: 450 kg. Max. speed 90 km/h.



For the Model Builder

Planet Models, Czech, has a resin model kit with photetched parts of the similar Nieuport IV M. Swedish markings are not included. Scale 1:48. Kit # 098. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Resin model kit in scale 1:48 of Nieuport IV M (similar to IV G). Model maker: Planet Models, Czech Republic


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