Sk 16 - North American/Noorduyn Harvard/Texan (1947-1972)

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Sk 16A # 16106. Markings of Air Force Wing F 9 at Säve near Gothenburg. This aircraft is restored at Uddevalla, Sweden to flying condition. See!




The mighty 600 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine.







Sk 16A # 16109. Markings of Air Force Wing F 10 Ängelholm. Photo from an air show at this airforce base.  Model Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND. Built in 1942 in Canada and is ex-RCAF FE632. Construction number 14-366.

To the left stands a B 3 (Junkers Ju-86) bomber, here converted to a transport aircraft. To the right can some SK 60 trainer aircraft be seen.  


Sk 16C # 16234. Markings of Wing F 8 at Barkarby. From the photo collection of Lars E. Lundin, Västervik, Sweden.



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