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The concept for a new jet trainer aircraft was proposed by SAAB in 1960. The new trainer would be high-winged, two-engine and have teacher and pupil placed side-by-side in ejection seats under a large canopy of acrylic glass. The SK 60 was initially powered with Turboméca Aubisque engines (RM 9B), each delivering a thrust power of 742 kp.  

The first of the 150 SK 60s ordered , SwAF/n 60001, was delivered to the F 5 at Ljungbyhed in 1966. The first variant, SK 60A, was not able to carry any arms.  Later, about half of the aircraft were modified, and the SK 60 is now existing in four different variants.  

During a period, a number of SK 60s were used for the Light Attack. The Light Attack was intended to operate in the most northern parts of Sweden. In case of war, four squadrons of SK 60s would have three main tasks; prevent border crossings, fight helicopters and other slow aircraft and take part in joint actions with the army.  For this duty, the versions SK 60B and SK 60C were developed. The difference is that the SK 60C has a reconnaissance camera in the nose. The nose is longer and angular compared with the other versions of the aircraft.  

In the role as light attack aircraft, the SK 60Bs and SK 60Cs were equipped with alternatively two automatic 30 mm ADEN cannons in pods or with attack rockets. Twelve 13,5 cm rockets or six armour-penetrating rockets could be fitted at hardpoints under the wings. As another alternative, the attack missile Rb 05 could be carried.  

Only three SK 60Ds flew. They were aircraft modified with civil avionics. A more advanced aircraft is the SK 60E, which is equipped with more advanced and modern avionics. This variant has four seats, and consequently no rocket chairs. The two variants are also used for training of civil pilots. 

The SK 60 has now gone trough a modernisation programme. The most important alteration is the change of engines in 106 aircraft. The Turbomeccas are replaced by the stronger William Rolls FJ 44 (Swedish designation RM 15). These will give the aircraft a thrust of 2 x 950 kp. 

In addition to its primary duty as a trainer, the SK 60 is used as target aircraft, weather flying and liaison aircraft. A new variant, the SK 60M, is developed to replace the Mitsubishi MU-2 target aircraft/target tug of Nyge Aero.  

SK 60B with RM 9B: Length: 10,50 m. Span: 9,40 m. MTOW 4.024 kg. Max. speed: 770 km/h. 

Photo at top of SK 60E # 60140, on static display on airshow at F7 Såtenäs 2000. The aircraft belongs to  Flygvapenmuseum,  but in on loan to Västgöta Veteranflygförening.



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