Sk 16 - North American/Noorduyn Harvard/Texan (1947-1972)

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Sk 16A # 16065 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/n 14A-1314. Ex. RCAF FT274. Photo from "Operation Northern Lights" 1970. when the aircraft was painted for test purposes in a new camouflage pattern. Areas of white were painted over the standard olive green and blue grey scheme. Markings of Swedish Air Force Wing F 21 at Kallax. Lars E. Lundin collection.  




Sk 16A # 16077 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/n 14A-1106. Ex. RCAF FS966. In the markings of Wing F1 at Västerås, where this photo was taken. Later sold to Australia.  





Sk 16A # 16097 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/n 14-571. Ex. RCAF FE837. Markings of Air Force Wing F 13 at Norrköping. Photo by Lars E. Lundin at F 13 6th of June, 1969.   




Sk 16A # 16104 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/n 14-674. Ex. RCAF FE940. Markings of Air Force Wing F 16 at Uppsala. Sold in 1972. Photo by Lars E. Lundin at CVV, Västerås 9th of may, 1972 (before scrapping).  




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