J 9 - Republic Seversky EP-1 (1939-1952)
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Another photo of J 9 # 2134 (C/n 282-19), preserved at Flygvapenmuseum. This photo is taken by Lars E. Lundin, Västervik at an airshow at Malmen 1962-09-02. In fact, the first airshow at Malmen where photographing was allowed.  
A row of J 9s at F 8, Barkarby. The aircraft closest to camera (# 2120) is "Blue Martin"  
J 9 # 2131 in 1943. The tiger below the canopy was the insignia of the 3rd Squadron. Soon after this photo was taken, it was altered to the less discreet eagle insignia seen on other photos. The eagle (which often had detail variations) became common for all squadrons. The roundel behind the eagle was painted in the squadron colour.  


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