FVM Tummelisa (Advanced Trainer, 1920-1935)
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The different marking of the four aircraft of the display group "Four Aces" (Fyra Ess)

The Display Group "Four Aces"

It seems that Tummelisa was the first military aircraft in Sweden that was provided with a special display marking. Two Tummelisas participated on the 19th of January 1921 in an air show in Stockholm, and had then got their Army Aviation numbers on the fuselages replaced by Ace of Spades (# 081) and Ace of Clubs (# 083). Later also Ace of Hearts (# 039) and Ace of Diamonds (# 085) were added.

In 1925, a fifth aircraft (# 087) joined the group. It was a second Ace of Hearts. Its heart symbols had a large "2" painted in the middle.

The display group seems to have been active for several years. On the 21st of March 1926, a speed contest was arranged between the Four Aces. This competition was held at Brunnsviken near Stockholm.

Note: "Ace" in Swedish can be spelled both "Äss" and "Ess".



Swedish Army Aviation Display Group Four Aces (Fyra Ess), Tummelisa # 085 Ace of Diamonds (Ruter Ess)
Aircraft # 085 with the display marking "ruter äss (Ace of Diamonds)"
Swedish Army Aviation FVM Tummelisa number 081 of the display group "Four Aces"
Tummelisa # 081 "spader äss (Ace of Spades)"

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