B 6 - Seversky Republic 2PA Guardsman (1940-1953)

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Swedish fighter-bomber Seversky Republic B 6.

The Swedish Air Force ordered 120 fighters of the type Seversky Republic EP-106 (J 9). Only half of them were delivered due to the American embargo of military equipment in the beginning of WWII. At the same time 52 aircraft of the two-seat variant 2PA Guardsman were ordered for delivery in 1940. The Guardsman was intended for the light bomber Wing F 6 at Karlsborg.

Due to the embargo, only two aircraft were delivered. They got the designation B 6 with the Air Force individual numbers 7203 and 7204. The B 6 was nearly identical to the J 9, but two-seated. It was fitted with a 14-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-1830-45 engine of 1065 hp. The armament consisted of three 8 mm machine-guns. The two B 6s were never fitted with any equipment for the carrying of bombs.

The two aircraft was delivered to Sweden in August 1940. They were assembled at CVM (the Air Force workshops at Malmslätt near Linköping) and then sent to F 6 at Karlsborg.

# 7203 was assigned the blue (second) squadron of F 6. It was marked with the code 16. This aircraft got a short life. After a month, with only 31 hours in the air, it crashed beyond repair at a training flight.

# 7204 was luckier. It became a staff aircraft and got the code 46. In December 1940 the aircraft was rebased to Wing F 8 at Barkarby near Stockholm and was used by the Air Staff. It was often used by Bengt G. Nordenskiöld who was Commander in Chief of Flygvapnet (the Swedish Air Force) 1942 – 1954. After a landing accident in 1953, the aircraft was taken out of service.
Span 12,50 m. Length 8,44 m. Height 2,98 m. MTOW 3.390 kg. Maximum speed 475 km/h.
Photo at top: B 6 # 7204 as Air Staff aircraft with code 04 at Barkarby. Colour profile below: The same machine as an umpire aircraft with the typical orange markings.


Swedish fighter-bomber Seversky Republic B 6. Colour profile by Lars Henriksson ©.





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