Sk 9 - De Havilland D.H. 60T Moth Trainer (1931-1947)
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In 1931, the stock of aircraft at the Air Force Flying School (F 5) at Ljungbyhed was almost worn out. Due to frequent troubles with the old Mercedes engines, a grounding order was issued for the Sk 6 Heinkel HD 36. This order lead to the situation that the school did not have one single basic trainer at its disposal.   

One de Havilland D.H. 60X Cirrus Moth was purchased in 1928 for the  rescue expedition north of Spitsbergen. The mission of this expedition was to find and rescue the crew of the crashed airship Italia. During this successful expedition, where several aircraft from the Swedish Air Force took part, the Moth had showed good performance. To get a quick solution of the problem at Ljungbyhed, ten de Havilland D.H. 60T  Moth Trainers were purchased and delivered during the summer of 1931. The aircraft got the designation Sk 9

The Sk 9 was not really the type of aeroplane the Flying School needed. It was safe and easy to handle, too easy for military flight training. It was hard to conclude which of the pupils that had bad talent for flying. The Sk 9 was also unsuitable for reconnaissance service and practice exercises.   

One Sk 9 was transferred to the Air Staff in November 1931. Four aircraft had to be written off after crashes in the course of four months after delivery. Really bad luck.  

The remaining Sk 9s were used at Ljungbyhed until 1937, when the three surviving machines were provided to the Air Force Wings F 1 at Västerås and F 3 at Malmen. During ten years, they were used for liaison and served as  ”squadron hacks”.

The Sk 9 was also used for training of naval pilots. At this occasions, the aircraft were fitted with floats and redesignated Sk 9H (H = Hydro). 

One Sk 9H is exhibited at Flygvapenmuseum (photo at top). The aircraft was sold to the civil market and was in very bad shape when it was bought back in the seventies from a private collector. It is now restored in the most splendid way and fitted with original Sk 9H floats. SwAF/n 108. C/n 1720. Ex. SE-BFI. 

Below: Advertisement from "Flygning" magazine, September 1931.

Length: 7,45 m. Span: 9,15 m. MTOW: 636 kg. Max.speed: 170 km/h.    



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