FPL 61C BAe/Scottish Aviation Bulldog (1972-1998)
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Swedish Army Aircraft FPL 61 Scottish Aviation Bulldog. Photo Hans Wallin

A grey day in November 1976 at Nyge Aero AB. The Army Aviation's FPL 61C # 61061 is due to overhaul.

  Painting and Marking  
  FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency (earlier FOA), developed a strictly standardized four-colour camouflage for the Swedish Defense around 1970. In November 1973, the Chief of the Air Force settled new painting and marking regulations for the Air Force, where the four-colour camouflage was the most important news. This regulations were also valid for helicopters and aircrafts of the Navy and the Army.

The new camouflage, often called “the Viggen Camouflage”, had almost gone trough the test in the summer of 1972. When the first Bulldog aircraft were delivered to the Army during the summer, they were from the beginning painted in this scheme.
Another photo of the 200 hp Lycoming engine of # 61074 in March, 2004.
Colour samples for painting the Swedish military aircraft FPL 61 - Scottish Aviation Bulldog
The top of the aircraft was painted in light-green 322, dark-green 326, brown 507 and black 093. The bottom of the aircraft was (usually) painted in blue-grey 058. The figures above are the paint numbers of the Swedish Air Force.

According to the book Kronmärkt* by Leif Hellström and Leif Fredin correspond these colours to US Federal Standard as follows:

Light-green 322 corresponds best to FS34082 but is slightly more yellow.

Dark-green 326 corresponds best to FS34079 but is slightly darker and greener.

Brown 507 corresponds best to FS30051 but is a bit less red.

Black 093 corresponds almost exact to FS37038.

Blue-grey 058 corresponds best to FS35237, but is slightly darker.

Note: I cannot guarantee the exact tints in the samples above!

* Kronmärkt (Carrying the Crown - Painting and Marking of Swedish Military Aircraft in the 20th Century) is a "must" for model builders and other persons interested in the markings of Swedish military aircraft. It had a large English summary which covers most of the Swedish text. ISBN 91-7243-003-6.

  The Book "Kronmärkt" (Carrying the Crown) by Hellström and Fredin  

The crown roundels had the following  diameters:

Wings, top: 600 mm

Wings, underside: 525 mm

Fuselage, sides: 600 mm


Digits and letters:

All digits and letters were yellow except for the name ARMÉN (the Army) which was painted in white.

Digits used for markings on the Swedish military aircraft FPL 61 - Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The digits used on FPL 61C were of the standard type introduced 1964 in the Swedish Air Force.

Letters used for markings on the Swedish military aircraft FPL 61 - Scottish Aviation Bulldog

The letters used for various texts on the aircraft were also of a standard type from 1964.


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