Friedrichshafen FF 33 (Reconnaissance and Trainer Seaplane ,1918-1929)
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Swedish Navy Reconnaissance and Trainer Seaplane Friedrichshafen FF 33

Notwithstanding the present world war, the Navy aviation was not very favourably treated by the parliament.  However, in April 1918 five pretty modern  two-seated reconnaissance seaplanes were bought from Germany. They were manufactured by Friedrichshafen Flugzeugbau, three of the model FF 33E and two of the model FF 33L. They were of similar design, but the 33L was smaller and lighter than the 33E. They were delivered without armaments. Both types were fitted with a Benz 150 hp water-cooled engine. The aeroplanes arrived at Stockholm in September 1918.

After only a months service, one of the 33L’s was destroyed in a crash. The other one was a destroyed 1921 in the great fire at the Navy’s ancient shipyard in central Stockholm,  Galärvarvet. Not only a lot of valuable material was damaged or totally destroyed (including several aircraft and 63 valuable aircraft engines). Also some very old buildings became victims of this disaster.  

Two new FF33Ls were built by the Navy at Galärvarvet.  Also three copies of the larger FF 33E were built on the same place.  

Photo and colour profile: Aircraft number 22  is of the type  FF 33E. This aircraft together with another FF 33E and two FF  33Ls were taken over in 1926 by the new Swedish Air Force. They were used as trainers and all were given the designation Sk 2.

FF33L: Length: 8,95 m. Span: 13,20 m. MTOW: 1.115 kg. Max. speed: 130 km/h.

FF33E: Length: 10,22 m. Span: 16,60 m. MTOW: 1.580 kg. Max. speed: 112 km/h.


For the Model Builder

Choroszy Modelbud, Poland, has a resin model kit of the FF 33E. Swedish markings are not included. Scale 1:72. Kit # B27. Click on the thumbnail for larger image.

Choroszy resin model kit in scale 1:72 of Friedrichshafen FF 33E. Katalouge no. B 27.

Colour Profile of Swedish Navy Reconnaissance and Trainer Seaplane Friedrichshafen FF 33

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