Fästningsballong (Spherical fortress balloon) 1898

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Swedish spherical fortress balloon 1898

Intended for the defence of the coastal fortresses of Vaxholm and Oscar- Fredriksborg in the archipelago east of Stockholm. It was a spherical hydrogen balloon made by Surcouf &Godard, Paris. The volume was 500 m3.. Together with the balloon, a hydrogen gas generating plant and a steam winch with 700 m mooring rope were purchased. The mooring rope was fitted with telephone cable. 

This tethered balloon was very sensitive to the wind. It swayed roughly when it was windy and on the whole it could not stand stronger winds than 8 m/s.

Photo at top from Söderberg, Nils; "KABA- när flyget var ungt (Flyghistorik revy 34)". Published by Svensk Flyghistorisk Förening (Swedish Aviation Historical Society).

Bottom: Postcard with wiev of the southern side of the fortress of Waxholm. Around 1900.





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