Drakballong m/09 (Tethered kite balloon, model 1909)

Balloon vessel ”Albatross”

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Five of this balloon type were purchased. They were of the well-proved German Parseval-Sigsfeld ”Drachenballon” design. Four came from the balloon manufacturer August Riedinger in Augsburg and one from Metzeler & Co, Münich.They had a volume of 750 m3. Two were used by the Navy, three by the Army. The balloon on the photo above belonged to the Austrian army, but was of the same design as the Swedish ones.

The Royal Swedish Navy was the first to launch a dedicated balloon vessel. From 1902 to 1926, the Navy used two m/09 kite balloons. The balloon tender was called ”Ballongfartyget nr 1”, later named ”Albatross”. This vessel was actually a barge, as it lacked own main machinery and had to be towed into position. HMS ”Albatross” was built 1902 by Lindholmen Shipyard in Gothenburg and had a displacement of 220 tons. Except for the space for a balloon, the vessel contained accommodation for 20 men and a hydrogen gas generating plant. The m/09 balloons could ascend to 500 m.
Two of the Army’s m/09’s were used by the Balloon Company at Frösunda, where a big balloon-house had been built together with other necessary buildings. Intense training with ascents and long marches with towed balloons began to start.




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