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Category  2 - Royal Persons


Including a list of Kings and Queens in Sweden, Denmark and Norway since the end of the Scandinavian Middle Age (see bottom of page)

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.Queen Siliva and King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo by Lars Henriksson.

King Oscar II of Sweden The Kings Haakon VII of Norway, Gustav V of Sweden and Christian X of Denmark King Gustav III of Sweden

King Fredrik I of Sweden

Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden - 1000x671 px Oscar II of Sweden. 1000x664 px  Haakon VII of Norway, Gustaf V of Sweden & Christian X of Denmark The coronation of Gustav III of Sweden. 1000x538 px Fredrik I of Sweden
Sofia (Sophia). Lived 1836-1913. Queen of Sweden 1872–1907 and queen of Norway 1872–1905. - Size 2235 x 3317 pixels. King Oscar II (1829-1907). King of Sweden 1872-1907 and king of Norway 1872–1905. Photo 1902. - Size 2181 x 3659 pixels. Prince Gustaf, later King Gustaf V of Sweden. Lived 1858-1950, king 1907-1950. - Size 2525 x 4189 pixels. -  100103 Prins Carl of Sweden (1861–1951), the so called "Blue Prince" - Size 2574 x 4405 pixels. Karl XI (1655-1697). King of Sweden 1660-1697. Size 2000 x 2700 pixels.
Sofia, queen of Sweden and Norway - 2235x3317 px Oscar II, king of Sweden and Norway 2181x3659 px Gustaf V, king of Sweden - 2525x4189  px Carl, prince of Sweden - 2574x4405 px Karl XI, king of Sweden - 2000x2700 px
Karl X Gustaf (1622-1660). King of Sweden 1654-1660. - Size 2100 x 2200 pixels. Hedvig Eleonora (1636-1715). Queen of Sweden 1654-1660. - Size 2000 x 2500 pixels. Ulrika Eleonora (1656-1693), queen of Sweden 1679-1693. - Size 1400 x 2300 pixels Karl XII (1682-1718). King of Sweden 1697-1718. Size 1600 x 2500 pixels. Gustav I Vasa (1496-1560). King of Sweden 1523-1560. Size 1900 x 2600 pixels.
Karl X Gustaf, king of Sweden -  2100x2200 px Hedvig Eleonora, queen of Sweden -  2000x2500 px Ulrika Eleonora, queen of Sweden -  1400x2300 px Karl XII, king of Sweden - 1600x2500 px Gustav I Vasa, king of Sweden - 1900x2600 px
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Swedish Monarchs since 1523   Danish Monarchs since 1523
Years King/Oueen Married to   Years King/Oueen Married to
Vasa family   1523–33 
Fredrik I I: Anna
II: Sofia
1523–60 Gustav I Vasa I: Katarina
II: Margareta
Katarina Stenbock
Christian III Dorotea
1560–68 Erik XIV Karin Mεnsdotter   1559–88 Fredrik II Sofia
Johan III Katarina Jagellonica   1588–1648
Christian IV I: Anna Katarina
II: Kirsten Munk

Sigismund I (also king of Poland as Zygmunt III Waza) I: Anna
II: Konstantia
Fredrik III Sofia Amalia
Karl IX I: Maria
II: Kristina
  1670–99 Christian V Charlotta Amalia
Gustav II Adolf Maria Eleonora   1699–1730  Fredrik IV I: Louise
II: Anna Sofie
1632–54 Kristina (regency 1632–44)     1730–46 Christian VI Sofia Magdalena
Family of Pfalz   1746–66 Fredrik V I: Louise
II: Juliana Maria
1654–60 Karl X Gustav Hedvig Eleonora   1766–1808 Christian VII Caroline Mathilde
1660–97 Karl XI (regency 1660–72) Ulrika Eleonora   1808–39 Fredrik VI Maria Sofia Fredrika
 Karl XII (regency 1697)     1839–48  Christian VIII I: Charlotte Frederikke
II: Carolina Amalia

Ulrika Eleonora Fredrik of Hessen   1848–63 Fredrik VII I: Vilhelmina
II: Mariana
III: Countess Danner
1720–51 Fredrik I  Ulrika Eleonora   1863–1906 Christian IX Louise
Family of Holstein–Gottorp   1906–12 Fredrik VIII Lovisa
1751–71  Adolf Fredrik Lovisa Ulrika   1912–47 Christian X Alexandrine
1771–92 Gustav III Sofia Magdalena   1947–72 Fredrik IX Ingrid
Gustav IV Adolf (regency 1792–96) Fredrika   1972– Margrethe Henrik
1809–18 Karl XIII Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta        
Bernadotte family   Norwegian monarchs since the indepency 1905
1818–44 Karl XIV Johan Desideria   Years King Married to
1844–59 Oscar I Josefina   1905–57 Hεkon VII Maud
1859–72 Karl XV Lovisa   1957–91 Olav V Mδrtha
1872–1907 Oscar II Sofia   1991– Harald V Sonja
1907–50 Gustaf V Victoria        
1950–73 Gustaf VI Adolf I: Margareta
II: Louise
1973– Carl XVI Gustaf Silvia        

The photos of King Oscar II and Queen Sofia of Sweden are genuine photo copies.
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