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The Church Ruin at Kapitelberget at Skien. Woodcut from 1869.



The Church Ruin at Kapitelberget at Skien, Norway. Woodcut from 1869.




The Church Ruin at Kapitelberget at Skien. Woodcut from 1869.

Skien is the one of the oldest towns in Norway. Nowadays Skien is a municipality in Telemark Fylke (County).

One of the great men who lived at this place around year 1100 A.D. was Dag Eilivsson.

Dag Eilivsson was a Norse who converted to the Christian religion. He built a church on Kapitelberget, and he provided the economic base for a Benedictine monastery at Gimsøy, also situated in Skien. Kapitelberget belonged to the large farm Bratsberg. The church was a private chapel for the farm and was dedicated to St. Michael.

The church was crypt-church, a rare thing in Norway. The crypt under the church-floor was used for requiems and to keep relics. Researchers assume that Dag has travelled to The Holy Land with Sigurd Jordsalfar, and brought a relic back to Skien and Kapitelberget.

The chapel is located on a knoll with views in all directions and was deliberately placed in a slope to fit to the crypt under the choir. Crypt is interpreted as a tomb for lineage in Bratsberg.

It is uncertain when the church at Kapitelberget went out of use, but in 1576 a document refers as a ruin. After the church went out of use, it was eventually hidden under gravel and soil.

The ruin was re-discovered in 1783, but it was first excavated in 1901. In 1928, restoration and conservation began. The work was completed in 1933.

Below: The church ruin at Kapitelberget ten fortress. Photo: Henrik Rosenvold.
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The church ruin at Kapitelberget in Skien, Norway. Photo: Henrik Rosenvold, Wikimedia Commons




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