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Järvsö Church, Hälsningland


Järvsö kyrka, Hälsingland. Foto John Henriksson, www.avrosys.nu, 2009



  Järvsö Church, Hälsingland. The Largest Rural Church in Sweden.

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Järvsö church is located on an island in the middle of the large River Ljusnan. Here, along this important fairway, built the people in the neighbourhood their first church about a thousand years ago. The place has since been the spiritual centre of the district.
This first church was probably a simple wooden building, but as the number of inhabitants grew, a stone church was built in the 13th century.  A new stone church was built in 1748.

But also the new church became too small. In 1832 began the building of the recent church. It was so large so it had to be located in north-south direction. It took six years to construct this new sanctuary. When the church was completed in summer 1838 it was one of the largest churches in Sweden with 2400 seats. On July 21, 1838 it was inaugurated by the Archbishop.

During the years cracks began to appear in the walls. In 1892 strengthened the church by twelve columns. This meant that the church became a basilica with nave and aisles. The 2400 seats had to be reduced to 1700.

The last major and much-needed renovation was carried out in 1958 when including the beautiful pulpit from 18th-century church was installed in the new church.

It is a long way to walk from the entry to the altar. It is said that many brides and bridegrooms have been rather hesitant if they were doing the right thing during the long bridal march.

In the photo above you see the church on the island in the frozen River Ljusnan with the railway in the foreground a day in early January.

Järvsö belongs to the parish with the same name, the municipality of Ljusdal, the Diocese of Uppsala, the County of Gävleborg and the Province of Hälsningland. Photos:
Top: John Henriksson, 4
th of January, 2009.
Bottom: Lars Henriksson, 10th of July, 2007.

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Järvsö kyrka, Hälsingland. Foto Lars Henriksson, www.avrosys.nu, 2007