TP 102 - Gulfstream IV G (1992-    )

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Since 1992, the Air Force operates two specially equipped Gulfstream IV G for electronic intelligence (ELINT) -  the S 102B Korpen. In the same year, one second-hand Gulfstream IV G-1159C was bought to serve as a VIP-transport. This aircraft got the designation TP 102A and the Air Force number 102001. The aircraft has similar duties as the turbo-prop TP 100A (SAAB 340B), but as the Gulfstream is larger and jet powered, it is more suitable for international flights.  

In the first half of year 2001, Sweden was assigned the chairmanship of the European Union. This required a better capacity for VIP-transports. In December 2000, a Gulfstream G.IV-SP, was bought from Argentina (ex. LV-WOV, c/n 1274). The aircraft got the Air Force number 102004 and was designated TP 102C.  

The oldest member of the Gulfstream family -  Gulfstream I - is a propeller long-range executive transport which first flew in 1958. It has also been used by the US Navy (TC-4C) to train navigators. The Gulfstream II from 1966 has jet engines. It was manufactured until 1979, when the Gulfstream III came into production. The Gulfstream III had a new wing with winglets. The USAF uses the aircraft (designation C-20) for VIP-transports. The Danish Air Force operates two Gulfstream IIIs for fishing zone survey,  SAR  and ambulance flights from Greenland. The Gulfstream IV flew in 1985. It has a longer fuselage and stronger engines than the G.III. The most notable difference between the III and the IV model is the number of windows in the fuselage. The G.III has five on each side, while the G.IV has six. 

Both the TP 102A and the TP 102C are powered by two Rolls Royce Tay Mk 611-8 turbofans (RM 14), delivering a thrust of 6.286 kp (61,6 kN).  

Photo of TP 102C from airshow at Malmen, May 2001. 

Length: 26,9 m. Span: 23,7 m. MTOW 33.838 kg. Max. speed: 935 km/h.




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