TP 84 - Lockheed C-130H Hercules (1965-    )
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Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft TP 84 Lockheed Hercules

The Lockheed Hercules will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2004 and will still be in very active service by Air Forces all over the world. The Hercules once formed the standard for the modern transport aircraft - a high-set wing and a large, rectangular cargo space with integrated ramp/door under the upswept tail. The aircraft has sturdy, multi-wheeled landing gears, in flight retracted in the external engine fairings. 

The Hercules began to be developed at the outbreak of the Korean War. The US forces needed badly a military transport capable of airlifting combat troops over medium distances and delivering them to short, austere airports. A committee was rapidly formed to specify the requirements for the new aircraft and invitations were sent out for bids. Lockheed aircraft won the contract to build the YC-130. The successful trials began in August 1954 at Lockheed’s works in California.  In the end of 1956 the first C-130s were delivered to USAF. 

The Swedish Air Force hired a C-130E for evaluation in March of 1965. It still carried its USAF serial (40546) together with the Swedish roundels. As early as in September the same year, the aircraft was bought and was given the designation TP 84 and the individual SwAF/n 84001. Later further one C-130E and six C-130H were acquired. All eight aircraft are now modified to C-130H standard. The most noticeable difference between the variants is the stronger engines of the C-130H - four Allison T56-A-15 turboprops, each delivering 4.900 hp. 

The Swedish TP 84s are not only used for military transports but have also participated  a large number of  humanitarian missions in many countries. Its rugged construction and STOL performances makes it possible to land at the most primitive airfields. In the Biafra War 1968, one TP 84 (84001) was hired by the Red Cross and flew, painted all white, under the civil registration SE-XBT. 84004 was also once painted all white. This was done on the eve of the UN relief operation in Namibia 1989. The aircraft got UN markings and the name ”White Lady” was painted on the fuselage.  

The C and D versions of the JAS 39 Gripen combat aircraft will be equipped for in-air refuelling. TP 84  #  84002  is  converted to serve as tanker aircraft. The rebuilt aircraft may also be used for ordinary transport mission.  Pictures of refuelling in air at side 4.

All aircraft are today equipped with ECM/VMS (countermeasures systems).  

All TP 84s have been based at Wing F 7 at Såtenäs since the beginning of their service. The crew usually consist of six persons - two pilots, navigator, flight engineer and two cargo masters.

The TP 84 is able to load 20 tons of cargo alt. 90 passengers or 56 fully equipped paratroopers. As an ambulance aircraft, the TP 84 can take 72 stretchers. 

Below is a summary of the Swedish Hercules aircraft:

Swedish AF Number C/N Original Version Delivered
84001 4039 382C-8B C-130E February 1964
84002 4332 382C-16D C-130E May 1969
84003 4628 382C-56D C-130H October 1975
84004  4881 382C-8E C-130E March 1981
84005 4884 382C-8E C-130H May 1981
84006 4885 382C-8E C-130H May 1981
84007 4887 382C-8E C-130H May 1981
84008 4890 382C-8E C-130H May 1981

Length: 29,79 m. Span: 40,41m. MTOW: 70.300 kg. Max. speed: 610 km/h.


For the Model Builder

Italeri has made a model of Lockheed C-130J Hercules in scale 1:48. Catalouge number is 2643. Click on the thumbnail to see's page for this model.
Swedish Air Force Transport Aircraft TP 84 Lockheed Hercules
# 84001 at airshow, Såtenäs 2000
Stamp depicting the first C-130 delivered to Denmark

The first C-130 Hercules of the Danish Air Force depicted on a stamp. At the top of the fuselage it is written in very small letters "Flyvevåbnet modtog sin første Lockheed C-130 13975". This means "The Air Force received its first Lockheed C-130 on the 13th of September 1975". This stamp sheet was issued at the 50th anniversary of the Danish Air Force.

Stamp depicting the first C-130 delivered to Denmark

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