T 16A - Caproni Ca 313 (1942)

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Of  the 84 Caproni Ca.313 delivered to the Swedish Air Force, 14 were equipped for torpedo launching and got the designation T 16A. The aircraft were intended for the new Torpedo Bomber Wing F 17 at Ronneby. The T 16A:s were flow from Italy to Sweden in 1941.  

In August 1941, technical defects began to appear. All fourteen T 16Bs were taken into repair workshops before they were put into service. Tests with of the torpedo-shaped mine F:9 were executed, but without success. No T 16A were used as a torpedo aircraft. During 1942 all of them were rebuilt to long distance reconnaissance aircraft with the designation S 16B and were transferred to the Reconnaissance Wings F 3 and F 11. 

The Capronis were engined with two Isotta-Fraschini IF Delta CR 35 of inverted V-type. Each engine developed 750 hp. The armament consisted of four 8 mm machine guns.  

Photo: Model of a Caproni Ca 313 in the markings of Bomber Wing F 7 at Såtenäs. The model is built by Mikael Carlsson and on display at Flygvapenmusem (Swedish Air Force Museum)





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