T 2 - Heinkel He 115 (1939-1952)

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Fighting face of the pilot of aircraft 107

The observer (normally commander of the aircraft) at his position in the nose. Note the eccentric mounted 7,9 mm machine gun.

The legendary aviator Albin Ahrenberg (1889 – 1968) takes a step on the wing of a T 2. Around 1930, Ahrenberg made himself a name after some daring flights to Greenland. In the twenties and the thirties, Albin Ahrenberg made innumerable and always faultless sightseeing flights all over the country – creating a great goodwill for aviation among the Swedish people.

 During the years of WWII, the popular Ahrenberg, from the beginning a naval aviator, served as base commander at Gålö. He often flew the T 2 himself.


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