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Since 1972, the Air Force operated two Caravelle ex-airliners (TP 85) for ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) missions. The aircraft were bought in second-hand from the Scandinavian airline SAS. The Caravelles had plenty of space for equipment and crew, but in the beginning of the nineties, they became too expensive to operate. 

In 1992, the TP 85s were replaced with two Gulfstream IV G, which got the Swedish designation S 102B. The ELINT operators belongs to the FRA (the Radio Establishment  of the Defence). The Gulfstream is a less spacious aircraft compared with the Caravelle, but as it is able to fly at altitudes of 15.000 metres, the range of the ELINT has increased considerably. 

The S 102B got the name “Korpen" (the Raven) and the two aircraft got the individual names “Hugin” and “Munin” after the Scandiavian ancient God Oden’s two ravens, who saw everything that happened in the world. 

The Gulfstream IV has also been purchased as a VIP transport. See TP 102A in the chapter “Transport Aircraft”. 

The S 102B is powered by two Rolls Royce Tay Mk 611-8 engines, each delivering a thrust of 61,6 kN (6286 kp). 

Length: 26,92 m. Span: 23,72m. MTOW 33.200 kg. Max. speed: 935 km/h.

Photos: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

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