S 32C - SAAB 32 Lansen (1958-1979)
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Swedish Air Force Reconnaissance Aircraft S 32C SAAB Lansen

SAAB started in 1946 to design a jet aircraft as a replacement to the propeller attack-, night fighter and  reconnaissance aircraft used in the Swedish Air Force. The result was the SAAB 32 Lansen (the Lance), a two-seated aircraft with swept wings (29 degrees). 

The first test flight with the first of four Lansen prototypes was taken place in September 1952. The first produced version was the attack aircraft designated A 32A. This version was powered with a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon RA 7R engine. In Sweden, the engine was designated RM 5A2. The thrust was 3.460 kp. With the Swedish-developed reheat, a thrust of 4.700 kp could be obtained. The Lansen was also made in an all-weather fighter version, J 32B, and photo reconnaissance version, S 32C. The J 32B (“Lansen Sport”) had a stronger engine – RM 6A - than the two other variants. The reconnaissance version were based on the A 32A design and had similar performance. It had generally the same electronic equipment as the A 32A, but the radar was changed to the improved PS-431/A design. This radar was particularly suited for sea surveillance. 

The four cannons in the nose were replaced by a camera bay, where up to six cameras could be installed. A typical installation consisted of one SKA 15 camera for general views, two SKA 23 cameras for missions at high altitudes, three SKA 16 cameras for low altitudes and one FL S2 camera sight. Twelve flares could be carried for night missions. 

Under the fuselage an egg shaped extra fuel tank of 600 litres could be fitted. This tank could not be dropped.  

Of the 456 Lansen aircraft built, 45 (including one prototype) were built. They were all based at the Reconnaissance Wing F 11 at Nyköping. A few S 32Cs were on loan 1959-1961 to our most northern Air Force Wing, F 21 at Kallax near Luleå.

Photos at top and below: S 32C # 32912 at Nyköping, May 1968.


Length 14,94 m. Span 13,00 m. MTOW 11.063 kg. Max. speed 1.125 km/h.

 Swedish Air Force Reconnaissance Aircraft S 32C SAAB Lansen


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