S 5 - Heinkel He 5 ”Hansa” (1927-1945)

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When the Air Force was established in 1926, twelve maritime reconnaissance aircraft of the ”Hansa” main type were transferred from the Navy. The different variants were designated S 2, S 3 and S 4 in the Air Force. The development of the Hansa continued for almost a decade. The 40 Hansas purchased by the Air Force were all built in Sweden. 

S 5 - Heinkel He 5/s. Manufactured by Svenska Aero AB, a company controlled by Heinkel in Germany. Four aircraft were delivered during the summer of 1927. This variant was powered by a Bristol Jupiter VI-A engine of 450 hp and had a crew of two.  

S 5A - Heinkel He 5/t, a three-seat variant. Ten aircraft were built by Svenska Aero AB and twelve by the Air Force’s workshops at Västerås (CFV, later CVV). Delivered in 1927-1932. The aircraft was now equipped with a HF radio set. The S 5A was also fitted with the 450 hp Bristol Jupiter VI-A engine. The armament consisted of two 7,9 mm machine-guns - one fixed and one in a flexible mounting.  

S 5B - Heinkel He 5/t. One single aircraft was manufactured by CFV in 1933. This aircraft had a 600 hp Nohab Mercury My VI-A engine (licence-built Bristol Pegasus I).  

S 5C - Heinkel He 5/t T.B. A development of the S 5B with Townend-ring, new cockpit design, re-designed tail and floats of Short’s make. Also equipped with the 600 hp Nohab Mercury My VI-A engine. Nine aircraft were delivered 1934-1936 by CVV. 

S 5D - Heinkel He 5/t. Similar to S 5C, but with a stronger engine (Nohab Mercury My VII-A of 675 hp) and a three-blade metal propeller. Four aircraft delivered from CVV in 1936-1937.  

The armament consisted of two 7,9 mm machine-guns - one fixed and one in a flexible mounting (the four S 5’s lacked the fixed machine-gun). 

Length: 12,2 m. Span: 16,8 m. 

Photo at top: S 5A # 466 visiting Tallin, Estonia in 1935.

Photo below: Three “Hansor” in formation. Strictly, the aircraft are:

- S 5D, # 488, marked with code 88

- S 5C # 483, code 83

- S 5C # 481, code 81 

The “2” on the fuselage stands for Air Force Wing F 2, Hägernäs in Stockholm.

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