S 3 - Heinkel HE 2 ”Hansa”  (1926-1935)

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The Navy bought three ”Hansas” with Rolls Royce Eagle IX of 369 hp in 1923. They were built in Sweden by the Heinkel-controlled manufacturer Svenska Aero AB. This two-seated Hansa version was called Heinkel HE 2.

Later, further two HE 2s were built in Sweden, one by Svenska Aero and one by the Navy at Galärvarvet. Most of the ”Rolls-Hansas”, which were numbered 42-46 in the Navy made a long duty. The last were scrapped in 1935, after nearly ten years under the Air Force designation S 3.

The S 3 was armed with one 7,9 mm machine-gun m/22.


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