Sk 16 - North American/Noorduyn Harvard/Texan (1947-1972)

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  Photo above and below of Sk 16A (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND), ex-SwAF/n 16028. Ex-RCAF FE991, c/n 14-725. This aircraft belongs to Björn Svedfelt, but is now on loan to Västgöta Veteranflygsförening. Carries the marking of Wing F 14 of Halmstad. Squadron code 92. 
  Ex-swedish  Sk 16A # 16105 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/N 14-429. Belongs to "The Fighter Collection" at Duxford, UK. Civil registration G-BTXI. Carries its original military RCAF marking FE695. Photo 1996-07-13 at Duxford.   
  Ex-swedish Sk 16A # 16144 (Harvard IIB, Noorduyn AT-16ND). C/N 14-526. Photo 1988-06-15 of SE-FUZ in the old colour scheme during an European Harvard-rally at Leeuwarden.  


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