Crown Marking 1940 Miscellaneous Aircraft (1958-1998) Crown Marking 1940

Under this headline mainly the aircraft types with the designation letter “P” as in “Provflygplan (in English “Trial Aircraft”) are dealt with. Also some other aircraft, which do not belong to any of the other chapters, are described here.

The “P-aircraft”:

P 1Sparmann S 1-A. See description below. 

P 2Focke Wulf Fw 44J Stieglitz. Redesignated Sk 12. See chapter Trainer Aircraft.

P 3 Sparmann E 4. Fighter aircraft, reminding of the German “Stuka”. Only a mock-up built. Cancelled in 1937.

P 4Fiesler Fi 156K-1 Storch. Redesignated S 14. See chapter Reconnaissance Aircraft.

P 5Handley Page Hampden. See description below.

P 6Focke Wulf Fw 58 “Weihe”. See description below.

P 7A – Prototype for SAAB B 17A. See chapter Bombers.

P 7B – Prototype for SAAB B 17B. See chapter Bombers.

P 8 – Prototype for SAAB B 18. See chapter Bombers.

P 8A AFF/ASJA G 1. Twin-engine medium bomber. Cancelled in 1939.

P 8BGötaverken GP 8. Twin-engine medium bomber. Reminding of Dornier Do 17. Cancelled in 1939.

P 9ASAAB L 12. Fighter of conventional type. Cancelled in 1939. Also known as P 19/J 19.

P 9BGötaverken GP 9. Fighter of conventional type. Cancelled in 1939.

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P 1 - Sparmann S 1-A ”Sparmannjagaren” (1939-1947)

(2 pages)

925SE-APDLinkoeping.jpg (79581 byte) P 5 - Handley Page HP 53 Hampden/Suecia (1938-1947)

(3 pages)

926-P6.jpg (74346 byte) P 6 - Focke Wulf Fw 58C-2 “Weihe” (1938-1959)

(2 pages)

929TP54BLL4.jpg (56469 byte) TP 54B - Piper PA-31-350  Chieftain (1989-1997)
930Porter90Norrkoeping1964.jpg (70977 byte) Pilatus PC-6A Turbo Porter (1964-1965)


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