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When the Navy and the Army needed to phase out their ageing HKP 2 Alouette II, this was replaced by another well-known helicopter, the Bell 206 JetRanger. This machine has been produced since 1966 and has also a larger version with a more powerful engine and stretched fuselage; the LongRanger. 

32 JetRangers were acquired in two versions for the Swedish defence - the HKP 6A for the Army and the HKP 6B for the Navy. Ten helicopters were ordered by the Navy and twenty-one by the Army. Further one Army helicopter was purchased for use by the Swedish UN troops. The HKP 6A’s were delivered in 1968-1969 and the HKP 6B’s in 1970-1971. One additional HKP 6B was provided to the Navy in 1991 to replace a crashed helicopter.  

As the HKP 3, the HKP 6 was licence built by Giovanni Agusta in Italy.  

The HKP 6A’s of the Army were used for observation, liaison and transports. It was also used for tactical training. It would lift an external  hanging load of max. 540 kg when flying without internal load and passengers. The helicopter was flown by one pilot. The cabin could also accommodate three passengers or two fully equipped soldiers.   

All Army JetRangers were unarmed from the beginning. In 1977-1978, four HKP 6A’s were however converted to anti-tank helicopters and among other things fitted with French APX-sights.  

The HKP 6B’s for navy use could be armed with depth-charges type SJB 11 or SJB 45. Up to four charges could be hung under the fuselage. The helicopter was also used for observation duties, but lacked any qualified observation equipment. The helicopter was usually manned by a single pilot and one observer. The observer was usually a conscript. 

For reasons of safety, the Navy JetRangers were fitted with floats of ”pop-up”-type. The inflatable floats were immediately activated if an emergency landing had to made at sea. Also the HKP 6B was used for training of pilots. 

Both variants were powered by one Allison 250-C20 engine of 400 hp, Swedish designation TAM 4B.  

Also one HKP 6C existed. This was a Bell 206B, belonging to Försökscentralen (the Trial Establishment). This helicopter had a different engine control system than the other versions.  

The last HKP 6s werel  phased out in August 2004.

The Swedish police operates both the JetRanger and the LongRanger. 

Photos: Top: HKP 6A's in a neat row at Malmen 2001. Bottom: HKP 6A # 06269 ”Madeleine”. Airshow, Malmen 2001.

HKP 6A: Length 8,74 m. Rotor dia. 10,16 m. MTOW 1.450 kg. Cruising speed 215 km/h.

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