HKP 1 - Vertol 44 (1958-1972)

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Swedish Navy Helicopter HKP 1 Vertol 44. Photo: Swedish Navy.

HKP 1 # 01001 over the attack submarine HMS Sjöhästen (the Sea Horse) in harsh weather around 1960. Sjöhästen was delivered to the Swedish Navy from Kockums Shipyard in Malmö in 1941 as number seven of nine sister U-boats and was in active service to 1963.

This class of U-boats (the Sjölejonet Class) had a displacement of 580/780 t std/max. Main dimensions (LxBxd) =  64,2 x 6,4 x 3,4 m. It was armed by six 53 cm torpedo tubes and two 40 mm automatic guns. It carried a crew of 35 men. Two Kockum-MAN diesel engines gave the ships a max. surface speed of 16 knots and two electric motors 9 knots under water.

Another submarine with the name Sjöhästen served in the Swedish Navy 1969-1997. This time it was one of the five ships in the Sjöormen Class. Four of the submarines was modified and sold to Singapore. They were renamed  Centurion (Sjöormen), Challenger (Sjöbjörnen), Chieftain (Sjöhunden) and Conqueror (Sjölejonet). Sjöhästen was included in the affair as a spares U-boat.

Photo via Royal Swedish Navy.



Helicopter Sweden

Helicopter Sweden



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