B 6 - Seversky Republic 2PA Guardsman (1940-1953)

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USAAF Service as AT-12 Guardsman

Seversky developed the two-seat version of his P-35 fighter for the export market. Twenty aircraft were sold and delivered to Japan and two aircraft to the Soviet Union. But as you read earlier, of the fifty-two machines sold to Sweden, only two were delivered before they were under embargo by the American authorities.

The other fifty aircraft were supplied to the US Army Air Force (USAAF). The USAAF had no use of the aircraft as fighter-bombers, but as advanced trainers they would suit well. Instead of strengthening the Swedish Air Force, the fifty aircraft became advanced trainers in the USA under the designation AT-12. They got the American serial numbers 41-17494 to 41-17543.

Jaqueline Cochran Pioneer Pilot -  with her Seversky AP-7. Redrawing of stamp by Lars Henriksson.

The single-seat fighter/pursuit aircraft Seversky P-35 was designed in 1935. Several modified aircraft were built for various resons. The variant AP-7 seen on the stamp above was a modified P-35 for high-speed races without changing any important parts of the air frame. It was flown by famous Jacqueline Cochran, who this machine won the Bendix Air Race in 1938. Her average speed was over 400 km/h. The AP-7 was powered by a 1,200hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp engine - a bit stronger than the ordinary P-35.








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