B 1 & B 2 - Fiat BR/BR 1 (1926-1937)

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In 1919, encouraged by the generally adapted doctrine by the Italian General Douhet concerning the importance of bomber aircraft (”the bombers always get through”), Fiat started to manufacture bombers designed by the well-known Celestino Rosatello. In 1923 and 1924, three Fiat BR:s and two Fiat BR1:s were purchased by the Swedish Air Force. They were given the designation B 1 (BR, profile above) and B 2 (BR1). The aircraft were almost of similar design, even if the BR1 had a larger span, which improved the performance slightly. Both types were powered by a Fiat A 14 (700 hp). The armament consisted of an 8 mm movable machine-gun, operated from the rear seat. The BR could carry 350 kg of bomb load, the BR1 630 kg.

The Fiats were in bad shape when they were transferred to the new Air Force in 1926. The were based at F 3 at Malmen, but were seldom in the air. The three B 1s were written off in 1932 and the  two B 2s in 1937.

Data for B 2: Span 15,50 m. Length 10,16 m. MTOW 3.430 kg. Maximum speed 225 km/h.




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